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God certainly works in mysterious ways!  This week I was attending a bible study on the Book of Revelation by Beth Moore entitled Here and Now … There and Then.  If you have never been part of a bible study by Beth Moore, I highly recommend her study series.  She is humorous, to the point, and is very well in tune with what scripture says.

We had just finished watching one of Beth’s DVDs for this study of which the concluding message was, “You cannot love God and despise people at the same time.”  My first thought was, “Really?  Doesn’t God want us to hate the ways of this world?”  But, I guess, hating worldly ways is vastly different than feeling contempt for people themselves.  Still, I must admit that I find it a whole lot more comfortable to isolate myself from people rather than take the risk of being deceived, manipulated, and/or judged … and yes, there are people I despise.  Well, perhaps “despise” is a bit too harsh.  Let’s put it this way, I’d rather have a root canal than be around certain people.



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