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As I set the stage for future posts, let me introduce you to one of my childhood pride and joys:  my blue Schwinn, ‘Fairlady’ Sting-Ray bicycle!

Actually, my parents didn’t take many pictures at all while I was growing up so I had to search the net to find one just like it.  I can’t believe I found one!

I vividly remember the day I got her, although the year escapes me.  It was either in the second or third grade.

My younger sister and I have birthdays in May and my parents surprised us one Sunday afternoon by telling us to go and check out what was in the driveway.  There they were.  Two of them!  Our very first bicycles … AND they were Sting-Rays to boot!!  We were speechless.  Not only did we seldom get new toys but now we had the coolest thing every flower-power child dreamed of!

Adding to the thrill of it all was the fact that both mom and dad were out there, in the driveway, actually enjoying the moment with us.  I think they were almost as excited as we were!  I don’t EVER recall that happening before then, and I certainly don’t remember it happening much after that.  Playing with their children was not part of their nature, much less doing it at the same time.  Feeling special and seeing them having fun was almost better than the Sting-Rays themselves.  Well, almost.

Thank goodness that our bikes came with training wheels.  Like I said, neither one of us knew how to ride a bike.  Up to this point, we only had ‘experience’ with two other bikes:

My oldest brother’s Roadmaster (which was too big for our feet to hit the pedals), roadmaster
and my older sisters’ (or grandma’s or great-grandma’s!) granny bike. bike1937
(Pictures from RatRodBikes)

You’ll have to add imaginary coats of authentic rust to the granny bike pictured above in order to get the full effect.  It weighed a ton and had huge tires that never went flat.  No inner tubes in that hunker!  Regardless, neither one of my older sisters would ride it unless ABSOLUTELY necessary.  Thank goodness it was too big for us younger ones!

Eventually, my sister and I mastered the art of riding a bike and the training wheels came off our Sting-Rays.  I hate to admit it, but my little sister figured it out before I did.  It took years to live that one down!

Oh, one last thought:  Never teach a young girl how to ride a bike on one that has banana seats.  Girls know what I am talking about.  Perhaps boys do too.

Now, pedal on … even if you still need your training wheels.


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